Airmax is one of the leading international transportation providers in Mumbai, India. Airmax covers all worldwide destinations by air, Sea and land transport with our trusted partners. The main thing that bothers you about international transportation is the price which makes you uncomfortable. But, it depends on your choice of transport, which means the type of goods you like to transport so that we pick the best match the transport mode with your belongings to balance service, cost, and time. 

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Sea container transport

Transport by sea will allow you to ship a large volume at less price than the other mode of transportation. We know that boats are one of the best ecological ways to transport your goods with less carbon emission than shipping by truck and plane. 

Air transport

Using air transport internationally is the best and quick mode to ensure the goods or product delivery safe method. You can transport a wide range of goods by air with Airmax.  

Custom Regulations

It is one of the essential aspects while shipping your goods by air or sea must equip your interests with proper labeling and documents for legal purposes. The main thing is that your goods have the correct HS code, which helps to determine how customs handle them and import tariffs. The document process will vary based on the country, and we at Airmax will guide you to take all your document processing for air and sea transportation. 

We have years of experience in air and sea transportation for several countries. By joining Airmax, you can handle things much easier and faster than ever. We have had hundreds of clients happily using our international transport services for many years. 

Our staff is experienced in air and sea transport services, so handling your shipping needs could be easy. You might be from any part of the country and want to utilize our services; we are always available for you.

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