10 Vastu Tips You Must Know for Your Kitchen

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10 Vastu Tips You Must Know for Your Kitchen

In every home, diverse energies circulate, and the kitchen, being the central hub, attracts a significant amount of both positive and negative energy. As the heart of the house, it’s essential to follow Vastu tips to bring prosperity and positivity into your home. These guidelines can make a remarkable difference in the overall atmosphere of your house. Let’s delve into 10 simple Vastu tips for your kitchen:

  1. Kitchen Layout According to Vastu: When constructing a new house, consider yourself fortunate to have the freedom to choose the kitchen’s location. According to Vastu Shastra, the ideal placement is in the south-east corner, dominated by the fire element. If this is not feasible, the north-west direction is also a good alternative.
  2. Entrance Placement: Just as the layout matters, the entrance to the kitchen is crucial. Vastu suggests placing the entrance door in the north, east, or west, avoiding corners.
  3. Sinks and Washbasins: Follow Vastu principles by installing washbasins away from stoves and gas cylinders. Avoid placing them on the same platform or in parallel directions. The north-east direction is considered ideal for sinks.
  4. Colors for Positive Energy: Choose colors wisely, avoiding black as it is considered unfavorable. Opt for bright colors like orange, green, and red to enhance positive energy and create a happy and trendy kitchen.
  5. Stove Placement: According to Vastu Shastra, place the stove in the south-east direction facing east. This positioning ensures that the cook faces the auspicious east direction while cooking.
  6. Windows for Negativity Release: Install windows in the east for letting out negativity. Exhausts or chimneys are also essential, and they should be placed in the east to emit negative energy.
  7. Appropriate Slab Placement: Ensure the kitchen slab is placed in the south-east part, promoting health and prosperity. Use natural stones, keep it clean, and avoid placing it close to washrooms.
  8. Well-lit Kitchen: Promote positivity and a welcoming environment by keeping the kitchen well-lit.
  9. Refrigerator and Gadget Placement: Place the refrigerator in the south-west direction for positive vibes. Other electrical gadgets like mixers, juicers, and microwaves should be placed in the north-east direction.
  10. Storage Cupboards: Install storage units in the western or southern direction. Ideally, stock grains and items in the south-west direction for good fortune and richness.

Remember, maintaining cleanliness is crucial, as a cluttered kitchen can attract negative energies. By following these simple Vastu tips, you can create a healthy and positive environment at home.

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